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Reception Newsletter

This term our topic is “Changes” and “Our Special World”.  The class will be finding out about “what is special about our world and why” during our Religious Education Lessons.  The children will be thinking about places that are special to them at home, at school and in the wider world.  During our Religious Education lessons the children will be finding out about places that were special to Jesus through stories.

The children will be exploring the theme of “changes” during our SEAL lessons (Social, Emotional, Aspects of Learning) and thinking about how they have changed since they were a baby. What can the children do now that they could not do when they were a baby?

During the next few weeks the children will also be exploring the stories of” The Hungry Caterpillar “and “The Greedy Bee”.  The children will be thinking about the characters in the story and thinking about ways in which the characters change in their physical appearance and their attitudes and dispositions.  The children will also be investigating different ways to prepare carrots such as grating them, slicing them and cutting carrots into sticks.  We will then be deciding which type of carrot is their favourite to eat.  The children will also be watering the vegetables and plants we are growing outside and observing how they change and grow.  We will be using the courgettes, lettuce and potatoes we are growing to make muffins, lettuce sandwiches and potato salad.  The children will be exploring the outdoor area to look for signs of summer and using their painting and drawing skills to record what they have observed.  They will be looking carefully at different mini beasts that live in the wild life garden and making representations using different collage materials.

Children will be continuing to develop their segmenting and blending skills to read words.  We will continue to develop their knowledge of digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters making one sound).  The children will be continuing to recognise “tricky words” on sight such as the, they, then, was, you and are.  The children are learning to retell familiar stories and then change the characters or the ending to create their own story.  They are also learning to write sentences in the correct order to retell a familiar story.  They will continue to write for different purposes such as writing lists of fruit and vegetables, writing instructions for making courgette muffins and writing their own stories about a favourite mini beast.

We will be continuing to develop counting skills counting in 1s 2s 10s and 5s using our counting stick and number line.  The children will be solving simple number problems including using money to pay for items in a role play shop.  Pupils will be recognising and adding doubles together on dice and dominoes.  The children will be starting to think about missing number problems eg 4 + ? = 6.  The children will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes and using shapes to make models and pictures of different mini beasts.

PE Days are Mondays and Thursdays.

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